Bash Plate

4WD Bash Plates for Underbody Protection

If you’re a frequent off-roader, you’ll get a tonne of use out of 4x4 bash plates. These protective components are designed to shield a vehicle's vulnerable undercarriage, particularly the engine and transmission, from damage caused by rough terrain, rocks, debris, and obstacles. They serve as a barrier, absorbing and deflecting impacts that can occur during off-road adventures. If you like rock crawling, trail driving, or even just tackling rough road conditions, you’ll benefit from installing a strong and sturdy bash plate. At Meta V Parts, we offer thick yet lightweight bash plates that offer full coverage and protection. These skid plates are popular among off-road enthusiasts and individuals who want to safeguard their vehicles and reduce the risk of costly damage.

That’s Not All!

Along with first-rate bash plates, Meta V Parts has all kinds of products for upgrading your vehicle. Our huge collection of auto parts includes components for suspension and steering; heating and cooling; and lighting. We also have engine parts and other mechanical components, as well as products specifically designed to upgrade your 4x4 vehicle. These 4x4 parts range from recovery tow points to front and rear coil strut shock spacers, to steel bumper fits. If you’re serious about off-roading, you will also enjoy the benefits offered by a body lift kit. This automotive modification kit is designed to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle, allowing for larger tyres and improved off-road capabilities. This extra clearance is invaluable when tackling rugged terrain or navigating obstacles, as it reduces the risk of undercarriage damage.

Why Meta V Parts?

Why is Meta V Parts the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts? Because we sell top-quality automotive components at the best prices. We also have an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, with expert staff ready to provide valuable insights. Our extensive product catalogue boasts a range of high-quality parts and accessories, ensuring that customers have access to top-tier components that enhance their vehicles' performance and reliability. Furthermore, we offer competitive prices, making premium auto parts accessible to everyone without breaking the bank.

Buy a Bash Plate Online!

Our convenient online store has everything you need to get your 4WD off-road ready. For long-lasting and reliable bash plates, shop Meta V Parts now!

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