Window Regulator

Car Window Regulators

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as riding down the highway with the wind in your hair — and if you don’t drive a convertible, using a window regulator is the way to make it happen. To get started with these car parts, you needn’t lift a finger — in fact, you need to do the opposite, pressing the button to lower the window. Leveraging power from the car battery, window regulators are the modern-day answer to window winders. Despite their early debut in the late ’60s, powered window regulators competed with the winders until they established dominance in the noughties. Considering car window regulators allow you to hoist or lower a window at the flip of a switch, it’s now hard to imagine a car without one. With that in mind, let’s explore why you may need an aftermarket window regulator.

Why You Need Aftermarket Window Regulators

Similar to other auto electrical parts, window regulators will wear out over time — or require replacement should you find yourself in an accident. In any case, if your car window regulator has seen better days, we have the perfect aftermarket replacements for sale. Window regulators are not a single entity and consist of different parts, such as a car window motor. To reconstruct your regulator, you’ll need to persevere and put everything together piece by piece.

Feeling unsure about which piece goes where? You can always consult our team of auto enthusiasts for pointers, or specialist knowledge about which parts fit what model or year of car.

From the Window to the Wall

Aftermarket car regulators are just one piece of the picture. If you’re looking for other parts, we’ve got them in spades. One of our favourite collections is our range of 4x4 parts, which is ideal for adventurers or off-roaders who love to tinker. Explore our store until you find what you need — or something that tickles your fancy.