Control Arm

Getting a Grip on Control Arms

Control arms are the not-so-missing links that hold suspension & steering parts — and, consequently, the whole suspension system — together. Available in all shapes and sizes, control arms have many bushes and ball joints that allow all the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts to form a network of interconnectedness. Control arms suspend the suspension to one side of a vehicle and tie the tyres to the other. They are sturdy and robust, boasting a cast or steel make, which means they hold their shape when you’re hauling over speed humps or plunging into potholes.

Though their lifespan is meant to match their car’s, control arms are often replaced once the ball joints and control arm bushing call it a day. To address more car control arm confusion, we’ve answered some of the more common questions about these car parts below.

1. How Much Is a Car Control Arm Replacement?

Price will depend on various factors — such as arm availability, size, and complexity, as well as the vehicle brand associated with it. 4x4 control arms, for example, may cost more than an average-sized set. On average, though, car control arm replacements cost between $250–$500 (not accounting for the $140–$250 in installation costs).

2. What Are the Signs of Worn-Out Control Arms?

Control arms themselves should last you for life — it’s the bushes and ball joints that wear out. When they do, you’ll hear it in clunks, rattles, or squeaks, feel it through vibrations in the cabin or steering wheel, see it materialise as tyre wear, or experience it as your car pulls to one side. That said, if you hit the arms hard enough, they may bend out of shape. Compare the pair — the left and right arms — and if there’s a visual discrepancy, you have a problem.

3. Is Control Arm Replacement Hard?

The difficulty will also depend on various factors — such as the vehicle and its connections. For example, it’s easier to replace a rear lower control arm with bushes on either end of it than it is to take out a front upper control arm connected to a ball joint, spring and multiple bushes. The former job would likely require only hand tools and 20 minutes of work, while the latter would need a spring compressor and ball joint separator, as well as 1.5 hours of work. In any case, you should ensure the wheel alignment is correct before you begin your work.

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