Wheel Bearing Hub

Wheel Bearings & Hubs

If your car’s wearing a worn-out wheel bearing or two — or more — that’s just something you can’t ignore. Of all the auto parts, wheel bearings are those that streamline the driving experience, holding everything together. Specifically, they grant your wheel hub assembly the freedom to spin around your axle assembly as your tyre rotates, which is the slick drop of oil your car needs to not only enjoy reduced friction to its axle but to roll around without restriction. If your rear or front wheel bearings have seen about 100,000 kilometres — or if they’re showing signs of wear — that’s your sign to swap them out for quality replacements.

Signs of Worn-Out Wheel Bearings

Not sure how many kilometres your wheel bearings have travelled? There are some other ways to tell it’s high time they retired.


Is your car wheel bearing humming, rumbling, grinding or growling — or making unbearable metal-on-metal screeches — particularly when driving at high speeds or with heavy steering wheel use? That could be a sign your car wheel bearing has reached its limit.

Loose Steering

There are many times in life when you should cut someone or something some slack, but your steering wheel is not one of those things. If your steering wheel feels ‘loosey-goosey’ — or if you’re noticing steering wheel vibration or play — the car wheel bearing may be the root cause

Steering Pulling Sideways

Slack in wheel bearings can compromise wheel alignment, consequently pulling your car to the side. This can happen constantly or sporadically.

That’s in Our Wheelhouse

Whether you need to upgrade your hub assembly with a bearing or enhance your steering with specialist suspension parts, you can count on Meta V Parts to provide the goods. As a trusted local supplier of aftermarket and genuine car parts, we have everything you need to upgrade your car, motorcycle, caravan or marine vehicle. Because steering and suspension are two of our areas of expertise, you can trust that a wheel hub or car wheel bearing from Meta V Parts will be as durable as it is high-quality. We are also experts on all things 4x4 parts, so be sure to check out this collection too.