Body Lift Kit

Body Lift — 4x4

Could your 4x4 use a body lift? Meta V Parts has what you need, with the 4x4 body lift required to provide the right degree of bolster. When braving harsh offroad conditions, having height on your side can help you conquer any obstacles, be they rocky paths, muddy trails or rugged terrain. While 4x4 bash plates protect your undercarriage — especially your engine and transmission — from rocks and debris, a body lift protects your 4x4 from obstacles outright. Equipped with a 4WD body lift, you can add inches to your stance — or create the space required for adding larger tyres. Grab the nuts and bolts necessary for installing this elevatory car part, and you’ll have an upper hand over other offroaders and adventurers! 

You’ve Got a 4WD Body Lift — Now What?

Of course, installing and taking advantage of a 4WD body lift is only part of protecting your drive in the wild, blue yonder. If you have a body lift for your 4x4, you’ll also need one of our 4x4 bull bars. Mounting to the front of your vehicle, bull bars protect your car in the case of a collision. They also deflect sticks, stones, dirt and debris. While they are a popular choice for the average offroader, bull bars are also handy in built-up areas. If you come into contact with another car, a bull bar will reduce the damage significantly — if not prevent it from happening altogether.

To provide cargo and weather protection for your fourbie, invest in a 4x4 canopy — the closest thing your car will get to an umbrella. Sometimes, a layer between your gear and the elements is all you need to lessen wear and make theft just that little bit less likely.

Buy Your 4x4 Body Lift From Meta V Parts

At Meta V Parts, we believe no outdoor adventure is complete without all the necessary equipment. Get your 4WD body lift and everything else you need to make your next offroading trip as safe as can be. Browse the full collection of 4x4 body lifts at Meta V Parts!

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