Weather Shields

Get Weather-Safe With a WeatherShield

Unless you own a caravan, your car is likely the one asset you own that sees more of the outdoors than any other — which is why you need weathershields. When you’re riding on the road with the windows down, weather shields will deflect wind, rain and general debris, as well as reduce glare, buffeting and wind noise. Of course, the extent to which weather shields will reduce buffeting and wind noise will depend on the car design, shield shape and driving conditions, but they can certainly assist in taking the edge off when the stars align. They can also regulate temperature, keeping your car cooler in the summer and warmer throughout the winter.

Weather Shields: An Aesthetic Addition to Your Car

From an aesthetic perspective, weather shields are a great way to complement your car. Our sleek, jet-black weather shields not only look great on cars, but they also improve visibility on the road — so you can drive safely and avoid accidents. Weather shields are a serious advantage for your car, so you should invest in these car parts if you haven’t already. Of course, Meta V Parts is also your one-stop shop for all things aftermarket car part replacements, so please peruse our store if you’ve weathershields looking worse for wear, as well.

Car Window Shields

Perhaps most commonly, weathershields will take the form of car window shields. Sometimes called ‘car window rain guards’, these additions look like eyelids for car windows. Even if you have the window up, car window rain guards will prevent total saturation across the surface area of the windows. For that extra layer of protection you never knew you needed, window weather shields are a wonderful investment.

Let the Shields Down: Accessories Incoming!

Already got your shields sorted? No worries! Weathershields are just one page of Meta V Parts’ story. If you fancy a driving adventure or a bit of off-roading, be sure to check out our 4x4 parts. There’s plenty more where that came from, too, so please explore our store — and don’t be shy to reach out! Our team of auto enthusiasts are all revved up and ready to help.