Overall Length:200

Mounting Hole Dia:10xM8x1.25

MT Holes CNT To CNT:105

Flange Dia:76

Nose Cone Length:60

Pinion At Rest:26

Field Hsg Dia:70

Teeth & Dia:9TH



Fit For BMW

116i E87 engine N45B16 1.6L Petrol 2003-2008

116i E87 engine N45B16A 1.6L Petrol 2008-2011

118i E87 engine N46B20B 2.0L Petrol 2004-2011

120i E87 engine N46B20 2.0L Petrol 2004-2011

125i E82 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2008-2014

125i E88 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2008-2015

130i E87 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2005-2010

135i E82 engine N54B30 3.0L Petrol 2008-2010

135i E82 engine N55B30 3.0L Petrol 2010-2013

135i E88 engine N54B30 3.0L Petrol 2008-2010

135i E88 engine N55B30 3.0L Petrol 2010-2013

318i E36 engine N42B20 2.0L Petrol 2001-2004

318i E36 engine N46B20A 2.0L Petrol 2004-2005

318i E90 engine N46B20B 2.0L Petrol 2005-2007

318Ti E46 engine N42B20 2.0L Petrol 2001-2004

318Ti E46 engine N46B20A 2.0L Petrol 2003-2004

320i E90 engine N46B20 2.0L Petrol 2004-2007

320i E90 engine N46B20B 2.0L Petrol 2004-2007

320i E90 engine N43B20 2.0L Petrol 2007-2008

320i E90 engine N46B20B 2.0L Petrol 2007-2012

320i E91 engine N46B20 2.0L Petrol 2007-2008

320i E92 engine N43B20 2.0L Petrol 2006-2013

320i E93 engine N43B20 2.0L Petrol 2005-2010

323i E90 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2005-2012

323i E91 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2007-2012

323i E92 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2006-2009

325i E90 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2004-2008

325i E90 engine N53B30 3.0L Petrol 2008-2010

325i E91 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2004-2007

325i E91 engine N53B30 3.0L Petrol 2008-2010

325i E92 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2006-2014

325i E92 engine N53B30 3.0L Petrol 2005-2010

325i E93 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2007-2014

325i E93 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2006-2010

330i E90 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2005-2006

330i E93 engine N53B30 3.0L Petrol 2005-2010

335i E90 engine N54B30A 3.0L Petrol 2006-2012

335i E90 engine N55B30A 3.0L Petrol 2010-2012

335i E91 engine N55B30A 3.0L Petrol 2006-2007

335i E91 engine N55B30A 3.0L Petrol 2009-2012

335i E92 engine N54B30A 3.0L Petrol 2006-2010

335i E92 engine N55B30A 3.0L Petrol 2010-2014

335i E93 engine N54B30A 3.0L Petrol 2006-2007

335i E93 engine N55B30A 3.0L Petrol 2010-2014

523i E60 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2004-2010

525i E60 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2005-2010

530i E60 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2005-2010

530i E61 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2005-2010

530i F11 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2010-2011

730i E65 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2004-2008

730Li E66 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2004-2008

740i F01 engine N54B30 3.0L Petrol 2009-2012

740Li F02 engine N54B30 3.0L Petrol 2009-2012

X1 E84 engine N46B20 2.0L Petrol 2010-2012

X1 E84 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2010-2012

X3 E83 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2006-2011

X3 E83 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2006-2011

X5 E70 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2007-2010

X5 E70 engine N55B30A 3.0L Petrol 2010-2013

X6 E71 engine N54B30 3.0L Petrol 2008-2010

Z4 E85 engine N46B20B 2.0L Petrol 2004-2008

Z4 E85 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2006-2009

Z4 E85 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2006-2009

Z4 E86 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2006-2009

Z4 E89 engine N52B25 2.5L Petrol 2009-2011

Z4 E89 engine N54B30 3.0L Petrol 2009-2012

Z4 E89 engine N54B30A 3.0L Petrol 2010-2019

Z4 E89 engine N52B30 3.0L Petrol 2009-2011



1 x Starter Motor

Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.155m
Shipping Height 0.125m
Shipping Length 0.285m
Shipping Cubic 0.005522000m3

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